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Huawei- Chip is damaged error

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In this document, we are going to write about the "chip is damaged" error and propose a solution for it.

The problem:

This error can be present on your phone if you have done a Huawei-ID removal on the device and it is running on Harmony OS After the ID removal, in the last step of the setup you may see the following error message:

This step cannot be skipped, but you can solve the problem using our Rpmb Backup/Restore function.

The solution:

You have to have a good RPMB file from a working device. Of course, it can be saved from another device, but please keep in mind that you have to use a file from a device that has the same model name. For example, if you encounter the error on a TNY- XXX device you can write a working RPMB from any TNY-XXX model.

The RPMB files will be saved on C: / Program Files (x86) / Chimera / Backup.

The solution was tested on Kirin 710, 710A, 980, and 810. Based on our tests it was working perfectly. However, if you encounter any issues with this function, please let our support know and we will analyze the problem and will work towards a solution.


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