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Write Certificate

What is the Write Certificate feature?

You can restore certificate data with the Write Cert. Basically, this is a digital data that gets connected to the given phone during manufacturing and it also gets signed by the manufacturer this is the so-called Certificate. This certificate includes, among others, a certain data of the IMEI and, in case of new models, an ID code of the given phone to prevent the re-use of the certificate in a different phone. Practically, this makes it impossible to clone an IMEI number. This certificate cannot be reproduced since solely the manufacturer owns the private key to create it. This makes this function more valuable as you can restore this unique file to your device.

ChimeraTool features

How does Write Certificate work?

Certificate files are for restoring the original IMEI number and also can be used in some cases to replace it with one which is already saved. Please keep in your mind, the certificate contains your IMEI number, so if you write an incorrect certificate from a different phone, your IMEI number will be "cloned" and replaced with the new one.

Huawei: The Write Cert service will appear on your Chimera tool once you connect the device in Fastboot mode or in ADB mode to the computer. You have to click on the service, and you will notice that we will ask you for two Cert files. At this point, I have to point out that we do have a service which one can read out the mentioned file from another Huawei. It is called “Read Cert” – not a big surprise – and you can read more about it in the Features menu. So, once you selected the Cert files the tool will do the process automatically.

Samsung: The only way to get the Write cert on Samsung’s, is to connect them in ADB mode to the tool. Of course, you have to select the Cert file that you want to load to the phone, and by clicking on the “Start” button, the tool will do the process.